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Colorbar Fiesta !

.-:* because we have no lives *:-.

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Welcome to Colorbar Fiesta, a community just for you! ♥ Want colorbars? We've got them. Want to display your colorbars? No problem! There are a few rules to follow to help you get started - and then you're ready to begin. :)


` 1) If you're taking a colorbar, please respect the requests of its maker. (If they want feedback or notification of what you're using, take the extra 30 seconds and just do it.)


` 2) Please - post your own work. Don't steal Mary Sue's colorbars and then claim them as your own. (Besides - you don't want to be on Mary Sue's bad list.)


` 3) If you're posting a colorbar (or several), make sure to use an lj-cut. Don't know what an lj-cut is? Just copy and paste this code.


` 4) Nothing should be of rated R content, but if by chance it is, please warn us OUTSIDE of the lj-cut. That way, nobody is scarred for life. Having said that, please avoid posting anything pornographic or gory.


` 5) Please don't do any of your whoring here. There are other places to do that - such as a darkened street corner, or a community like communityheaven. Any posts strictly advertising communities or icon journals will be deleted.


` 6) All posts should be colorbar-related. Self-explanatory, right?

The community info will be jazzed up soon - but as for now, enjoy ... and go crazy! ♥