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You're my good feeling. ♥

So, I thought I should start off with the very first post of the community. ♥ They're nothing great to look at - and if you've ever looked at my personal LJ, you'll know I've already posted them there. But in case you haven't, here they are. Enjoy!

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Crayons are GAH! YOU STOLE MY DAMN CRAYON! love.

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Johnny Depp is non-creepy "old man" love.

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The O.C. is (addicting) love.

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Spiderman is perfectly flawed superhero love.

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Spice Girls are VIVA FOREVER! love.

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The world is everlasting love.

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Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century is ZEDUS LAPIDUS! love.

I'm in the mood to take requests. I'll take the first FIVE - please let me know what kind you want. If there are any particular pictures you have that you would like featured, let me know! Have fun!
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